Welcome to Our Web Site!

It is both our great honour and pleasure to have this opportunity to greet all our esteemed players, members, sponsors, families, friends and visitors.  Welcome!

Our Rugby Club

Yamacia rugby was an idea now brought into reality. The idea was based on providing young people with a centre to isolate their differences and work towards what they equally shared and loved doing. Rugby!

Most youngsters saw their interests reaching a peak point: playing for overseas teams and recognized bodies in the nation.

Our Vision

Yamacia Rugby Club seeks:

  1. To liberate young people in the sport to understand fully the choices they have to make.

  2. To take full responsibility of this young people’s dreams towards success both on and off the field.

Our Mission

How will the Club do this? It is clear that most of the people involved are talented players. As seen most of the players are village based. This means that they are either school drop outs or unemployed youths.

Our Mission…

The club does not only assure a lively competition of rugby for the boys but educational seminars, e.g. – youth advocacy seminars, drug awareness, family life education, financing and budget, social work and many more.

Through these programs the Club seeks to accumulate young people towards an eager environment that would support unemployed and uneducated youths.

The sport is for everybody and so is the dream to be successful.

Our Goals

Yamacia Rugby Club is a non- profit organization. The funding in getting equipments, rugby kits, uniforms and the general management as a whole are from kind donations.

The Club moves towards the vision of liberalism. It seeks to be an academy one day. One that will look towards what that particular time has for young people too. But as of the 5 years to come, Yamacia Rugby Club focuses with a goal of providing a second chance for young people who may have dropped out of school, or who never had the chance of an education. Unemployed young adults.

We see our young people are eager to earn for themselves but are somehow struck back by a few wrong choices, young parents, so new to the family scenario and fellow rugby lovers who would give anything for the game.

We all have something in common. We struggle from our different villages, we have little education or none at all. We are pushed from our westernize friends may be because we are dumb or ugly. But we eat and shit rugby and never, never, ever say die!!! We love each other like brothers and that’s what matters. Join us if you know you have what it takes!

Our Strategy

“Changing lives, the rugby way” speaks for it all. Rugby has gained the interest of youths in the highlands. As a phenomenon sport, the encouragement of good health and lifestyle enables members to be focused.

This is a sport that has claimed popularity across the globe. It was difficult to manage the idea as most of the determined players of the game were either unemployed or not very well educated.

Adding to such a dilemma, the games held that brought teams from around the nation to participate in lacked formalities in assuring a duty to take care of the players and their talent. Not only in the game but out of the game as well.

Our Commitments

Our commitments to our players, members, families and friends are as follows:

  • God, Family and self
  • Rugby, Field and Ball
  • Hitting Hard, harder every time

Yamacia is committed to changing lives. We do this in a unique way to do such using the game of Rugby. While the talented individual is skilled for the game, Yamacia understands that there are limitations. Priority is directed towards God and His guidance. The rugby field and the rucks mold each individual into hitting hard and harder when it gets tough.